Halal Guys-NYC Street Food - NYC's HUGE & Popular place.

I have been hearing a lot about HALAL GUYS in NYC. It’s a street food cart and they have a fast food restaurant in upper east side. In the past, on some evenings, I walked by their street food cart on their 6th Ave location and it was always packed. The line was so huge, I couldn’t believe people were willing to wait for that long. I remember thinking being upset at myself, how in the world I never tried them. They must be doing something right. And just last week, I had a chance to try it. The first thing I noticed, there was no line. It was right around noon time. Luckily I didn’t have to wait. The service was good and genuine. I got my döner in less than a minute in a bag and it was $8… a great price for a big sandwich. Maybe this is the reason people wait on the line. Right away I looked at a place to eat, I was hungry and excited to try this famously known street food. I also have to mention, I know exactly how a döner supposed to taste like. I grew up eaten this. A tip from a master, if you are eating a sandwich döner, you need at least 3-4 bites to get the all taste. Don’t judge it with a one bite. Always One more bite. The first thing I noticed with my Halal guys pita sandwich, the bread wasn’t hot or toasted. Maybe I should’ve asked for it because that definitely changes the taste. I got a chicken/beef combo. The beef was my favorite. It was flavorful. The chicken needed more seasonings maybe. But the white sauce-their version of mayonnaise- was good, it added a great flavor to my sandwich. The hot sauce was also very good, hot one. Overall, it was a good sandwich, but I’d definitely eaten better than this. If you are in there area and hungry, with this price, you should give it try. If you wanna me rate it, I give a 7.6 Hamide Bakery & Cafe | Turkish Bakery in NJ. Amazing! What should you try here? : https://youtu.be/c4uU1pzV7t8 Worth to try this Greek Cafe in NYC ? - Is This NYC's Best Spanakopita?: https://youtu.be/p2n7WZQ_YdQ Hit that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more NYC food videos, Leave comment if you have any query or food thoughts. #HalalGuys #NYCFood #FoodReview #StreetFood #Gyro #MediterraneanFood