Katz Deli NYC Delicious Pastrami Sandwich (Lower Manhattan)

Katz Deli is a NYC landmark. They have amazing meat sandwiches. My favorite is Pastrami Sandwich. Last time I was here 20 years ago and I am so happy to be back. It’s worth your money & Must visit place. Is Katz's Deli worth the hype? Neil puts it to the test, savoring the juicy pastrami, tangy mustard, and all the classic fixings. Be warned - this sandwich is massive! But with the electric atmosphere and friendly staff, Katz's Deli is an experience you won't forget. Katz's Delicatessen, the oldest deli in New York, is well-known for its "mile-high" sandwiches and deli classics. Katz's is particularly well-known for its cameo in "When Harry Met Sally," which debuted 33 years ago. Website: PeerZola.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peerzola Tell us your favorite Turkish dish in the COMMENTS below & SUBSCRIBE for more amazing food reviews & travel videos. #NewYorkCity #Foodie #Sandwich #TravelFood #CatsDeli #LowerManhattan #Manhatta