Turkish Bakery & Cafe in Englishtown, NJ | Hamide. Amazing! What should you try here?

I always loved carb and this place didn’t disappoint. I had Börek with potato, baklava, şekerpare and some other yummy things in this amazing Turkish bakery (Hamide Bakery & Cafe). If you love pastries and exotic Eastern European dishes, you gotta try this place. They make everything in the house. You must try Turkish tea too. I rated this place 9.1, A very high score. This isn't your average bakery, Hamide Bakery & Cafe makes everything in-house from scratch, using traditional recipes for unforgettable flavors. And their Turkish tea, brewed for a perfect golden color, is the ideal way to cleanse your palate between sweet and savory treats. Trust us, you'll be back for seconds! Tell us your favorite Turkish dish in the COMMENTS below, and let us know if you visit Hamedi Bakery - we want to hear about your experience! Restaurant: Hamide Bakery Cafe & Grill | hamidebakery.com Location: 320 US-9, Englishtown, NJ 07726 SUBSCRIBE for more amazing content and let us know if you have any food recommendation to test anywhere in world. #TurkishFood #CentralJerseyEats #HamediBakery #Baklava #MiddleEasternFood #TurkishFood #Börek #Döner