Worth to try this Greek Cafe in NYC ? - Is This NYC's Best Spanakopita?

I recently tried a spinach pie-Spanakopita in a Greek cafe in NYC and being honest I wasn’t thrilled. Maybe my expectations was high. It’s a very cute and busy place. There are many yummy looking items in their showcase. Since it’s a Greek cafe, I wanted to try spinach pie. It’s a Mediterranean and middle eastern dish. My mom used to make that a lot. It’s supposed to taste light, layers of thin phyllo doughs and well seasoned spinach and feta cheese with good quality olive oil. In this experience, it tasted doughy and thick and I wished they heated it up hot enough. If you wanna me rate it, it’s 6.9 Hamide Bakery & Cafe | Turkish Bakery in NJ. Amazing! What should you try here? : https://youtu.be/c4uU1pzV7t8 NYC Street Food | The Halal Guys : https://youtu.be/ULaAhWWrp0E Hit that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more NYC food videos, Leave a COMMENT below and tell me your favorite Spanakopita spot in NYC. #NYCGreekFood #GreekFood #NYCFood #Spanakopita #CafeGrecoNYC